As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Community is the heartbeat of DCC. In many ways, church doesn't start until the service ends. We want DCC to be a place where you can ask questions and form deep and meaningful relationships - a loving support system that challenges you to discover the best version of yourself.
To assist you on this journey, we offer Crews and Labs on a rotating schedule.  Crews typically launch in February and September, with Lab cycles in between.

What are crews?

Crews at Dulles Community Church are small circles of people within our community that meet regularly to form friendships over a common interest and to discover God together.  The format varies from crew to crew, but the three things all of our crews have in common are community, care and compassion.  This means they love hanging out and doing life together - praying for needs and challenges, celebrating life’s wins, and serving together.

Check out our current crews

Women only | This crew focuses on spiritual growth.
Men & Women | Not sure if you believe in God?  Exploring faith?  Recovering from hurt caused by religion? If you need to work through confusion in a judgement free environment with open conversation, this is the place for you.
Men & Women |  This crew is for individuals interested in reading and studying various books within the Bible. 
Men only | Looking for a crew where men are supporting each other through life and reminding each other of the strength of God behind them?  This crew is for you!
Men Only | This crew is gathering around fire pits and fireplaces together - forming new friendships as they explore various topics with new believers
Women only | Looking for a group of women that have lots of experience with facing life's curve balls but have tons of fun?!  We learn and share how to not let our busy lives and hard times take over the peace God plants within us.   Our study style varies from short videos, books, movie nights - we like to switch it up, laugh, and have fun!
Women only | Women building community, mentoring one another and discipleship 
Women only | This crew studies different books of the bible.
Women only | This crew touches on various topics designed to feed and care for a woman's soul.  Today women are balancing more than ever both inside and outside of the home and finding themselves as some of our strongest and most influential leaders.  Come join us for some time to love and care on you.
Men only | Men mentoring one another to build a stronger community through Christ.
Men & Women | This crew is gathering to play games, share stories, share laughs and have tons of fun!

Need Help?

Our crews take place throughout the week in different neighborhoods, so use this form to find a crew that's right for you. We'd love to have you join us!