Core Values


Our conversations start with a simple invitation to belong.  Whatever your background or beliefs, we want you to be here. Dulles Church is an inclusive and radically welcoming faith community which seeks to understand and know Jesus more. We’re a safe place where anyone - skeptic, believer, or anywhere in between - can seek God's reality and truth together. We’re not afraid of questions, even when we don’t have all the answers. You belong at Dulles!


Everyone’s story is different. Our past is often marked by regret and unrealized potential.  It’s so easy to carry our mistakes, self-doubt, and shortcomings, and we define ourselves by them.  God, however, tells us a different story. While we see ourselves through the lens of our past, God sees our potential, and it’s better than any of us dare to imagine. You are God’s personal project! At Dulles, we’re learning to allow God to make us into the people that we can’t become on our own. Can you imagine our lives and our world when we each become more like Jesus?


We believe that God invites us to imagine a future where everything that is broken and abused will be made beautiful and whole!  Our heads aren’t in the sand - we know our world can be dark.  All too often we find ourselves grieving tragedy and injustice, and it can be overwhelming. Our broken planet doesn’t intimidate God. He stepped into our mess and is reclaiming the world. We accept God’s invitation to join him in building a better future.

Our vision for YOU:

  God designed each of us to be living expressions of his own essence. Infectious. Inspiring. Love.
Our dream for you is that the people who encounter you would be so attracted to God’s life in you that
they want what you have and are drawn to who you are. To who you are becoming.

Our Vision For Us - Dulles Community:

Churches have found many ways to make faith, church, and even Jesus resistible.
 We want to be a church where people find Jesus and church irresistible.

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