You want to get it right. 

Life is complicated.

We want to help.

Welcome to Dulles Community Church — we're excited you are checking us out.  We're a community of  faith compelled to help restore the world.  We are  professionals, educators, engineers, students and more, who are often frustrated or disappointed by our experiences with religion, but we think the person and teachings of Jesus are beautiful and inviting. The result is a church inspired to re-imagine what church should be.  Whatever your spiritual identity—irreligious, cynical, or hoping to reconnect with God—we'd love for you to join us.

Love God. Love others.

A movement of generosity.

Join us for Be Rich 2019. Our church is participating in a campaign to encourage giving this season. Join us as we support local non profit organizations through serving opportunities and a special Be Rich Offering. We are encouraging everyone to participate in the Be Rich 2019 campaign.
GIVE a one-time donation of $39.95 to the Be Rich campaign either online or via a check with Be Rich 2019 in the Memo line.  Be sure to note your donation as Be Rich 2019.
SERVE at one of the Be Rich volunteer events starting November 10 by signing up online or email for DCC serve events starting the first week of November.

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